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Nandakumaren Parappurath Nair's Online Memorial Photo

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Memorial Biography

Nandakumaren P. Nair (6/6/1949 – 1/9/2019) was the loving son of the late Shri Kunjunni Nair and Smt Ammini Amma of Kunnamkulam, Kerala, India. “Kuttan” was the loving brother of Bharati, Thankam, Padmavathy, Sasidharan, and Shyamalakumaran. “Mr. Nandu” was a dear friend of the Chatterpaul Singh/ Rajballie family of Couva, the Outar Ramroop family of California, and the Faiz Mohammed family of Realize Road. He was loved, and is mourned by, his siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces, colleagues, clients and friends in India, USA and West Indies. A post graduate in Commerce, he worked most of his life as an accountant, store manager, and insurance and securities representative.